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17 thoughts on “The time

  1. Are you proud to cheat on Coolphotoblog?

    I imagine yourself deleting your cookie, changing your IP and voting for yourself every hour…

    So Lame, be ashamed… 🙂

  2. Jalousy of what? A watch? 😀
    There is no reason to be jalous of a cheater…

    Anyway continue asking your friends to do sympathy vote, it s maybe worst a quality vote but bettar than no vote at all…

    Look in the list some other photoblog and be honest with yourself, some of them are there since the begining of coolphotoblog and took more time than you to get their place…

    Grow up mate!

  3. coolphotoblogs checks all the votes. If you cheat, they throw you out of the list. I’m still in there, so all my votes are fair.
    where’s your photoblog? can I see it?

  4. No coolphotoblogs only check cookies… If you delete your cookies and vote again the vote is valid!

    And if you change your ip there is no recurence in their database so they can't track cheaters…

    Come on don't play more stupid as you are…

    I don't have photoblogs but I appriciate works and quality of these: Pixistenz, Flawijn Pix, Sakana and PaKaL . VISION

    At least these have quality pictures and are more talented than a newbie with a D50.

    And they took time to get these results

  5. You noticed these reference are only for belgium, there is a lot of other talented people on this site…

    At last is more realistic because it's based on members votes and not on sympathy and friendly votes…

  6. This is my last reply on this subject. I did not spoof the website with my own votes. If coolphotoblogs thinks I should be banned for voting for my own, then they should. I do not have to justify anything to you, but I hope I pointed out this misunderstanding. I also would like to thank all the people that voted for me on coolphotoblogs. They can always reply on this topic, to show Dollphine the amount of people.
    I would appriciate it, if we could close this discussion Dollphine.

  7. Niets van aantrekken! Ik vind het een zeer fascinerende foto! En kwil eigenlijk wel weten wa er op de achergrond ligt :p

  8. Dollphine… Pease don't just come here and disrespect somebody,
    First of all: Macroni began only 2 months ago.
    This is maybe not his most spectacular picture but then again he just experimented (He said it himself).

    Now, I wanna know something… Why are you talking about cheating with votes? Do you have experience with cheating or were you banned yourself a while ago?

    Look I'm pretty sure that Macroni did not cheat. He's a stand up guy with normal friends who don't really enjoy cheating. So before you post something, think twice…

  9. héhé, I just hate it when people criticize others in a very negative way or saying something that is in fact not even true.

    I mean i don't hate people who criticize, they only have to know what they are saying

    "Those who criticize others often are not perfect, either"

    Remember that

  10. Ho damn the cavalery is coming :p

    You are right, I'm small but I wonder how a guy who started 2 months ago with mediocre work can take over the first place on a guy like Pixistenz or Sakana?

    Ah yes, now I know… Sympathy vote…

  11. Do I spot a little jealousy? Little bit frustrated? Is that the only thing you can do, checking out other people's fantastic blogs and give negative comments? Nice work, I bet you're very popular! Lots of friends and stuff ;). You should be ashamed!

    @ Ruben: keep up the good work mate! We're big fans ;-). and we're not the only ones as you can see!

    @ Dollphine: go home, get a real life please and go annoy other people! Mediocre work, I bet you don't even know how a photocamera functions :p

  12. well well dollphine…the chart did change indeed.
    You must be so pleased!
    Are you maybe an insider who can change things into the way you want them to be?
    It certainly looks that way…and i think that makes you a cheater

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